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From an early age Pier Franco Marcenaro showed an uncommon tendency toward spiritual pursuit.

As a young man, he devoted himself to studying the Spiritual Masters of the different religious traditions and to meditation. He eventually undertook a long journey of research: to Greece, the cradle of ancient classical philosophy, where he met ascetics in Orthodox Christian monasteries, while in Turkey, Persia and Pakistan he met researchers in Islamic Spirituality, at Hardwar and Rishikesh he came into contact with ancient Indian philosophy and in Punjab Sikh mysticism, also in various African countries he established personal contacts with seekers of the Truth of the various religious denominations.

His pursuit was fulfilled, in New Delhi, when he met Sant Kirpal Singh (1894-1974), today considered one of the greatest Masters of Spirituality and of life of all time, due to the magnitude and depth of his work, the author of numerous publications of vital importance for human beings today, translated into over 50 languages.

Under his guidance, Pier Franco Marcenaro achieved the greatest heights of spiritual fulfilment. On returning to Europe, he set himself the arduous task of integrating the high level of Spirituality of the East with the capacity for practical accomplishments of the West, combining meditation with study, work and family commitments, thus becoming a complete human being in both his inner life and in society.
In 1974, at the age of 33, Pier Franco Marcenaro received his mandate to continue the spiritual work of Sant Kirpal Singh.

He thus began to hold numerous conferences in Italy and abroad and to impart, completely free of charge, the practical, ecumenical teachings of Universal Meditation, a discipline that underlies the major religions and philosophies of the world, so called because it can be followed by anyone without any restrictions on belief, age, gender, nationality or social standing.

The School of Spirituality he directs today numbers thousands of disciples worldwide.

He also founded Man Center, a non-profit organization (NPO), now active in over 60 cities in Italy and in over 20 countries worldwide, whose aim is to "serve people, serve the Earth and serve God".

He has led Italian delegations to Interfaith Conferences of world importance and chaired three World Conferences for the Peace and Welfare of Peoples in 1999, 2002 and 2005, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy, the European Commission and the U.N. He was elected President of the World Interreligious Centre.

Pier Franco Marcenaro is the author of various publications, translated into several languages, covering in depth the various aspects of Spirituality. Anyone who is earnestly seeking the true purpose of life will find in him a complete, unfailing Guide.

Several of his speeches are also published in the Spirituality Magazine "The Source / La Sorgente", published in English and in Italian.







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